While the decision to enlist your finances to a professional financial advisor is a highly personal one, it is advisable to seek a financial advisor when you feel financially insecure and want an expert to keep you on the right path. Not only can financial advisors help you achieve your long term financial goals, but they can also balance you off the edge when you are on the verge of making a poor financial decision.

If you keep wondering whether it is a good decision to hire professional San Diego financial advisors, here are some practical pointers that you need one:

You don’t know how to invest.

Inflations are consistent, and any money you keep in savings, cash, or low-interest accounts depreciates every year. The only way to grow your finances is through making investments.

You may want to invest, but you don’t know how or where to start. Or when you know you need to take an investment action, but keep putting it off. A financial advisor helps you make informed choices on matters investment and guides you in growing your money.

You have investments, but you keep losing money.

Even the most prominent investors incur losses when the market is down, but consistently losing money means something else. When enforced courses of action with your investments do not bring out the desired outcomes, it means that you are doing something wrong.

Investing should improve your overall net worth, and if not, a financial advisor can determine what you are doing wrongly and help you correct or put things back in track before its too late.

You owe taxes and can’t seem to understand why

Do you have a notice from the state agency that you owe back taxes, but you can’t figure out how and why? That’s a sign that you seriously need a financial planner or advisor. They can help you unravel the underlying problem and figure out how to respond to the notice before the deadline.

If the tax agency is right and there is something wrong with your tax returns filling or planning, they can help get you back on the right course and avoid repeating the same mistake in the future. Nevertheless, suppose the tax agency is wrong, and your tax planning is on the right track. In that case, a financial advisor can help you respond appropriately to resolve the problem with the agency favorably.

You don’t have a retirement plan.

Retirement investment is a long time goal that needs long term planning. The truth is, you will not accidentally reach your retirement age; therefore, you need to invest gradually and as soon as possible to avoid inherent uncertainties.

Unless you have a high and steady income source, it is through an investment that you can plan for a comfortable retirement. If you don’t have a basic idea of where to start or not sure if you are on the right road for your retirement plan, you need a financial advisor.


You can generally hire a financial advisor whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed, unsure, or scared about your financial situation. Also, if you neither have the time nor interest to manage your finances, a good financial advisor comes in handy.

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